I, a passionate chef of my own Cafe World, have decided to create this website, because I:

  1. want to have alibi for playing Cafe World
  2. want to be actively searching for making my game better
  3. want to share gathered information
  4. want to gather more information thanks to you
  5. want to be pushed to gather more information for you/us

Ad 1: If I had played Cafe World just to achieve a huge cafe and a big amount of cash, I would have a bad feeling that my time isn`t spent efficiently (like by going out, repairing a car, making a real food instead of let a delivery boy to bring mi a pizza, take a shower etc.)

Ad 2: I`m committed to be good at what I do and this is another way where I want to excel. My goal is to master this game and you can benefit from my obsession. That`s a good think, right? :)

Ad 3: I`m not a jerk. I`m pleased every time I see someone having a success because I had share with him/her some information. The more people I can help, the better feeling I`ll have. I hope that`s not selfish.

Ad 4: I believe if someone shares something, others should share as well. The more of us will share our experience, the more information we can have together and the more benefits it brings to all of us.

Ad 5: By creating this website, I feel I should be constantly providing some information about Cafe World, which helps me with achieving no. 2.

Stop talking about it and let`s gather some more information so we have something new to share!