As Cafe World itself, the Cafe World music is addictive as well. I don`t know why, but even after those uncountable hours of playing it`s still enjoyable music for my ears.

It`s a little bit weird, I can see myself start hating the music because of the fact I`m listening it all the time, but the developers have created a good background music. It reminds me the music from The Sims.

Anyway, for anyone who would like to listen Cafe World music even out of Cafe World, it`s now possible.


Cafe World Music #1

Cafe World Music no. 1

Cafe World Music #2

Cafe World Music no. 2

You can use the built-in player on this blog, or you can click on the links with a right button of your mouse and select “Save target as” and save the music on your computer or iPod. It`s up to you.