If your menu in Cafe World isn`t perfectly prepared, you are leaving Cafe Coins (and Buzz Rating) on a table and not progressing as fast as you could if your Cafe World menu was planned and prepared according to your circumstances. Learn to use LaughDonor`s Spreadsheet.

Are you new to Cafe World? Then I suggest you to read the Beginner`s Walkthrough article. Otherwise read on, I`d like to show you how to use LaughDonor`s Cafe World Spreadsheet to make your Cafe World Menu flawless.

No matter how long some chefs has been playing Cafe World, I still see some imperfections in what they cook. It`s not that they don`t make money out of it, it`s just they could do a lot more money, if they would be thinking about what and when they cook it.

LaughDonor`s Cafe World Spreadsheet

Honestly, I have no idea who LaughDonor is, but as soon as I found his spreadsheet, I started to love this guy. His spreadsheet is full of so valuable information, that I think he could start selling it right away and he would be bury with money (and you with Cafe Coins :)

What can be so valuable in his file? Well, let me point out some things you can find in that file:

  • needed Cafe Points to achieve certain levels
  • bonuses after achieving certain levels
  • dish cost
  • dish cook time
  • dish spoil time
  • Cafe Points for cooking a dish
  • how many stoves you need to gain as much Cafe Coins for a particular food (and feed 105 Buzz Rating)
  • Cafe Coins/servings
  • Cafe Points/min/hr
  • Profit
  • …..

I`m telling you, LaughDonor`s Cafe World Spreadsheet could be selling for a few bucks. But before LaughDonor changes his mind, let`s have a look how you can benefit from his brilliant work. Open up LaughDonor`s Cafe World Spreasheet and let`s start!

Please note that LaughDonor is continuously working on that sheet, so it might look a little bit different than my screenshot.

Your screen with the Cafe World Spreadsheet should look like this (screenshot is approximately 400kB big):

LaughDonor`s Cafe World Spreadsheet screenshot
LaughDonor`s Cafe World Spreadsheet screenshot

Cafe World Menu Basics:

Before you start changing (or creating) your menu, you need to think about what you want to achieve right now, because  there is a big difference in planing your Cafe World Menu, if you want to increase your Buzz Rating, earn more Cafe Coins, or if you want to level up quickly. Think about that.

This step is crucial, you won`t level up quickly, if you are focusing on cooking dishes that have the smallest amount of Cafe Points for cooking and serving. And you won`t increase your Buzz Rating, if you`re cooking dishes that take 24 hours to cook, whilst your cafe is full of customers, but they don`t have anything to eat.

There is no way you can earn the most money out of your dishes, level up quickly and keep increasing your Buzz Rating at the same time. Depending on what level you are right now, you need to choose one area where you want to get better and then focus on that. After your goal is achieved (and it can take from a couple of minutes to hours or days), move on to the next thing you want to improve.

Cafe World Menu: Increasing Buzz Rating

In order to increase your Buzz Rating, you need to have enough of food for your customers. At the same time, as your Buzz Rating is going to increase, you`ll need more and more food. So basically you need dishes that have:

  • as many servings as possible
  • cook time as low as possible

Those criteria ensure you that you`ll be able to cook dishes very quickly and that there`s gonna be enough of servings, so your customers are gonna be served, they will give you positive Buzz Rating and in the end more customers will be coming to your cafe.

Based on that criteria, have a look at LaughDonor`s Cafe World Spreadsheet and do this one powerful click: click on Dishes: Sorted by serving.

You should see something similar to this screenshot:

Cafe World Menu - Increasing Buzz Rating

Cafe World Menu - Increasing Buzz Rating

Cafe World Dish: Super Chunk Fruit Salad

Cafe World Dish: Super Chunk Fruit Salad

As you can see, Super Chunk Fruit Salad is the dish you want to cook in order to easily increase your Buzz Rating. It has 100 servings and it cooks 15 minutes, which means you can create 400 servings on one stove. Of course you have more stoves, so you can multiply the servings by your stoves.

Cafe World Menu: Earning Cafe Coins as Fast as Possible

Let`s repeat the same process of reading in LaughDonor`s Cafe World Spreadsheet, but this time we want to focus on earning Cafe Coins as fast as possible. The criteria for a dish that would make us as many Cafe Coins as possible are:

  • the shortest time cook as possible
  • OR the highest rate per serving

That depends if we have time for cooking the dish all over again, or not. If we have the time, then we are looking for a dish with the shortest time cook. If we don`t have the time, then we need to know when we are able to get back to Cafe World again and based on that look for a dish that fits your time.

Because I assume you are a little bit addicted to Cafe World and want to get as high as possible, I pretend you have several hours a day for cooking.

So, look again on the spreadsheet. This time click on Dishes: Sorted by profit.

Cafe World Menu: Earning Cafe Coins

Cafe World Menu - Earning Cafe Coins

Cafe World Dish: Bacon Cheeseburger

Cafe World Dish: Bacon Cheeseburger

I hope I didn`t spoil your surprise. Isn`t that interesting? If you want to earn as many Cafe Coins as possible, you need to cook the dish that you are allowed to cook from the beginning? Well, I was surprised too…

Cafe World Menu: Leveling as Quickly as Possible

The last strategy for level up as fast as possible in Cafe World. For leveling up we need a dish that:

  • gives us the most Cafe Points per preparing and also serving
  • cooks the smallest amount of time so that we can obtain the Cafe Points over and over again

So for the last time in this article, let`s have a look on the LaughDonor`s Cafe World Spreadsheet. This time we need to sort the table by clicking on Dishes: Sorted by CP

Cafe World Menu - Gaining Cafe Points

Cafe World Menu - Gaining Cafe Points

Cafe World Dish: Bacon Cheeseburger

Cafe World Dish: Bacon Cheeseburger

And there you go. Again Bacon Cheeseburger :) Seems like all you need is to cook this dish with Super Chunk Fruit Salad (if you have the time for cooking those dishes all over again).

Cafe World Menu: Final Note

Bare in your mind that customers don`t care what you cook. If you have just one dish (Bacon Cheeseburger) which you cook all over again for the whole week, they will still be coming into your cafe.

The same rule for your a decoration of your cafe – even if your cafe looks like a school canteen, it doesn`t matter.

That`s it, neighbors. Happy cooking.

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