Someone asked me last night if I was a Café World Enthusiast.  It took me back a bit, as I was in the process of writing a response to someone else’s CW blog; disputing some of his contentions and dispelling one of his lame “Tips”.  Me?  An enthusiast?  Well, my wife and I play.  So do two of my daughters, one of my sons, my nephew and my niece.  We have dish times written on whiteboards in our livingroom, Laughdonor’s spreadsheet is the home page on one of my browsers, I occasionally get phone calls like; “Hey your dish is gonna go bad pretty soon.” And “Honey, I got caught up here, can you get my pizzas off the stoves for me?”

I have over 400 CW neighbors, Facebook filters that show me only CW news, I put out food sheets on a private family server.  (A tip I got from this fine site and newsletter, by the way.)  I have honestly been known to stare at that Café of mine for a great deal of time trying to figure out how to better maximize my traffic flow, (maybe if I add another door between the windows?)  I pour over CW blog sites and new spreadsheets, my Christmas list had a Lobster Tank on it.

But am I what I would call an enthusiast?  Ya, OK.  This is my electronic aquarium and I do spend hours on the silly thing.

Oh and… I love it.

Cafe World - Crossroads Cafe

Cafe World - Crossroads Cafe

So if you’re trying to raise some coins for new furniture and fixings, trying to keep that zip rating at the top, or just trying to out-level your friends, stay tuned, I might have a few worthy suggestions.

Which reminds me, put this in your browser next time you’re logged in to Facebook.

Bob, Crossroads Cafe


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