When I was designing this website, I wanted to make it big. I wanted to make it a place where we all can hang out, share ideas, our routines and learn from each other. A place, where we could together progress faster.

Installing a forum was sure thing for me, but then I got stuck with other things not related to Cafe World, so I totally forgot about installing a forum. Now, a couple of months later, I’d like to give you an opportunity to decide whether you’d like to have here a forum or not. Because frankly, you’d be the ones who would be using it.

So now it’s in your hands. Give me your opinion.

Also I’d appreciate if you write a comment about why you want/don’t want the forum. Especially if you want the forum, let me know what topics would you like to discuss in the forum, so I can design it according to your ideas.

Thanks to all who participate.

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