It is with a red face that I’m writing to you this day. There is so much going on in Café World, that every time I start to write to you about it, they change it even more. Every time I start to write about the problems, they either fix them or develop new ones! Everybody’s trying to keep up, there are so many new dishes that Laughdonor’s probably had a nervous breakdown by now. But today let’s do our best catch up; you and I.

So let’s start by going back a bit. I have a half-written piece about their great sci-fi changes. They are adding starry backgrounds and floors and aliens and holograms and floating asteroids, and all kinds of stuff that is just guaranteed, (or as close as they can get to it without violating copy right issues,) to make your Café into the Star Wars Cantina, or Star Trek’s Ten-Forward. Very cool stuff and dishes.

They also have a bunch of stuff to make you café into your favorite sports bar! With trophies and beer taps and foos tables and dart boards and very nice oak walls, and specialized tables and a lot more. (Most expensive Hot Dogs, since Orlando!)

And … They have a 50’s theme! With pinball machines and benches that look like older automobiles and new clothes. Fun stuff, I’m really sorry my mom missed it, as a major nostalgia buff, she’d have loved it.

Other changes are Zynga’s anti-cheating changes. You get a 1,000 pop-ups guaranteed to mess with any macro while you cook or accept gifts. But the worst of all are the glitches. Ya, a lot of us are running into them. Can’t accept gifts? Can’t get bonus food, not even your own? Having trouble cooking? Can’t clean your stoves? Well, you are not alone. But it’s not happening to everyone. Get a letter to Zynga Support A.S.A.P.! They need to know who and where and what and why. I’ll post more as I learn it! I promise.

Good Luck Chefs and Laughdonor wherever you are,


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