You know Gentle-Reader, I don’t consider myself a complainer. This game we play, even though I buy Café Cash every now and then, is pretty much free. In fact, most of the players I know, don’t buy Café Cash. So when I read the forums and people are all bent out of shape because they have to make too many clicks, or the cookbook is too slow, I just shake my head. If you think you can develop and have hosted a game for 5 million players better than they do, then you have my admiration. And I can’t wait to play your game. So for the most part, the majority of the complaints about the game just seem to me to be whiney. But… this time I’m painting picket signs and organizing!

Most Cafes have a theme and mine is no different. One night my wife and I had dinner with President Ford and his wife at the Ritz-Carlton in Rancho Mirage. It was a magical night, and everything everywhere reeked of class, grace and elegance. The food was the best, every decoration was immaculate. I wanted my café to remind me of that night every time I saw it.
And then along came the sci-fi set. (Shrug) Oh well. Out with the old. I calculated every penny I’d need to completely remake my café in my own version of Deep Space Truck Stop; 5,437,000 coins and about $20 in Café Cash. No problem. I started working and saving, and last night I hit the magic number. But all the stuff is gone! Even the purple egg chairs! (Aggghhhhh!!!! The Agony!)

All replaced by the new Chinese deco theme honoring the Chinese new year. (Beautiful stuff by the way.) They have some great new dishes that I’d love to tell you more about but the last time I checked, Laughdonor still hasn’t done his analysis. And I’m only 69th level so I can’t even see the candy boxes yet. And this new theme has some very nice furniture, and so forth and so on.

Cafe World - Crossroads cafe

Cafe World - Crossroads cafe

But, but, but,… All the stuff I wanted is now gone, before I could buy it. People, are we going to let this stand? Are we mice, or mouse wielders? We have to stand up and revolt! They have to know that they can’t do this to us! We’re not talking about food disappearing or spoiling instantly, or other infuriating but minor glitches. This is about them teasing us with stoves and decorations and taking them away! Ban Zynga! (Sigh)

Or maybe we could just keep it alive amongst ourselves. Talk about the time when you could get purple egg chairs, or rocket suspended stoves. And remember the stuff that used to be real, a long time ago, in a café far, far away. (Writer breaks into uncontrolled sobs and moans)

In other news, they also have Valentines presents that open up tomorrow, and I would like to thank you all for the mass of presents that has all but shut down my café. You guys are seriously why I play and love this game.

Bob – Crossroads Cafe


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