Experiencing problems with loading your Cafe World? Or do you have a problem that your Cafe World goes really slow? Read on, I`ll tell you what to do.

Cafe World runs on Facebook as an additional application and it uses Adobe Flash player and Javascript functions. You don`t need to worry about what are those terms. The important thing for you is that if you are experiencing that your Cafe World game is slow or you having problem with loading and entering the game, there are several steps you need to check.

Cafe World Problems: Possible Solutions

  1. Do you have the latest Flash player? Recently the latest version is If not, go to Adobe website
  2. If you have many tabs opened, close them and restart your browser (close and open again after a while).
  3. Are there any other things running in the background of your computer? Like a movie or something that is demanding on a performance.
  4. Try a different browser – if you are using Internet explorer, try Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (Safari or Opera etc.).
  5. Clean up your temporary memory – cache.

Cafe World Problems: Clearing your cache

Firefox 3:

  1. Tools
  2. Clear Private Data
  3. Close and open again the browser

Opera 9.x

  1. Tools
  2. Preferences
  3. Advanced
  4. History
  5. Disk cache section – Empty now
  6. Close and open again the browser


  1. From the Safari menu, click Empty Cache.
  2. When asked: “Are you sure you want to empty the cache?” click Empty.
  3. From the Safari menu, click Preferences.
  4. From the Security dialog box, click Bookmarks.
  5. Click Show Cookies.
  6. From the Cookie dialog box, click Remove All.
  7. Close and open again the browser

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7/8

  1. Tools
  2. Internet options
  3. Browsing history
  4. Delete – Delete all
  5. Close and open again the browser

If it is still slow, the problem might be in your processor. Try to reduce the quality of the graphics in Cafe World. This can be done in the menu in the right down corner – the small icon of an eye (if you can`t find it, refer to my The Beginner`s Walkthrough Guide, number 15).

What definitely helps me is opening Google Chrome, without any additional tabs, and play Cafe World in it. So far the best solution I`ve come up with.

Was this helpful? Or are you experiencing a different problem? Let me know in comments or via contact form.


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